The Empaths in Ag Podcast

11 | Inner Child Healing with Bobbi Schweighardt

February 02, 2022
The Empaths in Ag Podcast
11 | Inner Child Healing with Bobbi Schweighardt
Show Notes

Inner child healing, attachment styles, astrology, knowing yourself, the dating scene and our take on empath slander. What more could you ask for in an episode of the Empaths in Ag Podcast? This week Terri chats with Bobbi Sweighhardt, a shining soul with a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and Rising for her Big 3.

"I currently do family work along side children’s services with families who have involvement. I’m applying for my Master’s in Counselling Psychology because my passion lies in healing and empowering young people through safe and intentional conversations. My goal is to merge therapy with options of spiritual practices to create a more holistic approach to healing (reiki, yoga, breath work, shadow work, nutrition, community, even astrology) as there’s a cultural shift happening of people seeking alternate health practices. I’ve always been drawn to spirituality from a young age, somewhat privately, but now I’m becoming more self assured to share my intuitive and empathic gifts to the world."

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The Empaths in Ag Podcast is all about highlighting what it means to be a spiritual person while living life in the agriculture industry. With your host Terri Huxley, this is a space where you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone while also gaining tools that will help you become the best version of yourself.

This podcast is focused on giving a voice to people in the ag industry by advocating for women’s rights, specifically challenging the way society views the modern-day farmer and their capabilities. It shines a light on energy and spirituality and how this comes into play as well. Be ready for laughs, thought-provoking conversation and more when you listen in from whatever platform you use.

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