The Empaths in Ag Podcast

8 | Take the DAMN BREAK!

September 29, 2021 Terri Huxley
The Empaths in Ag Podcast
8 | Take the DAMN BREAK!
Show Notes

In this episode, Terri shares about her solo trip to Medicine Hat, Alberta where the city of about 65,000 holds a very welcoming and feminine undertone to it energetically. A solo trip is a great way of filling up your cup when you hit a wall mentally.
Terri also dives into shadow work and gives a prime example of how to do this PLUS encourages you to own your inner baddie no matter what anyone says.
You'll learn the importance of processing emotions which in turn allows for new adventures and feelings to unfold which are wonderful blessings in anyone's life.

Just a note there is a *trigger warning* for a conversation on sexual harassment.

About the Empaths in Ag Podcast

The Empaths in Ag Podcast is all about highlighting what it means to be a spiritual person while living life in the agriculture industry. With your host Terri Huxley, this is a space where you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone while also gaining tools that will help you become the best version of yourself.

This podcast is focused on giving a voice to people in the ag industry by advocating for women’s rights, specifically challenging the way society views the modern-day farmer and their capabilities. It shines a light on energy and spirituality and how this comes into play as well. Be ready for laughs, thought-provoking conversation and more when you listen in from whatever platform you use.

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