The Empaths in Ag Podcast

12 | Ag Mental State of Mind with Erica Leniczek

February 18, 2022 Terri Huxley
The Empaths in Ag Podcast
12 | Ag Mental State of Mind with Erica Leniczek
Show Notes

In this episode, Erica Leniczek of The Brand Erica/The Rural Mindset Podcast hopped on the show to share her valuable knowledge about mental health in the rural setting. We also dive deep into her 'why', the essence of the business if you will, and how that has come full circle.

If you like this podcast but want more of a sciencey/mindset-based podcast, The Rural Mindset Podcast hosted by Leniczek launched this week so be sure to check it out and subscribe!

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More about Erica:
Erica is a personal development specialist and mental health coach who helps people become the best versions of themselves. She works to provide people with proactive mental wellness strategies backed in neuroscience and positive psychology, helps them accomplish their goals, stay accountable, and work with a forward momentum towards their dreams. Erica is passionate about giving people the skills, supports, and strategies they would need so hopefully day-to-day stresses and anxieties can be managed, especially on the farm. She is the owner, face and name behind The Brand Erica and the host of The Rural Mindset Podcast™. Erica lives on her spouses fifth-generation commercial black angus ranch in Marwayne, Alberta. Erica grew up interested in being an advocate for the agriculture industry and is passionate about educating the people on the myths surrounding ag and beef production in particular.

About the Empaths in Ag Podcast

The Empaths in Ag Podcast is all about highlighting what it means to be a spiritual person while living life in the agriculture industry. With your host Terri Huxley, this is a space where you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone while also gaining tools that will help you become the best version of yourself.

This podcast is focused on giving a voice to people in the ag industry by advocating for women’s rights, specifically challenging the way society views the modern-day farmer and their capabilities. It shines a light on energy and spirituality and how this comes into play as well. Be ready for laughs, thought-provoking conversation and more when you listen in from whatever platform you use.

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